Trivia Questions!

Image courtesy of Olivia Miller

1. What was the first toy to be advertised on television? 

Answer: Mr. Potato Head 

2. What was the first feature-length animated movie ever released? Answer: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs 

3. Who created Sherlock Holmes? 

Answer: Arthur Conan Doyle 

4. Which member of the Beatles married Yoko Ono? 

Answer: John Lennon 

5. What are the names of Cinderella’s stepsisters? 

Answer: Anastasia and Drizella 

6. The biggest selling music single of all time is? 

Answer: Candle in the Wind (1997) 

7. Which two countries have not missed one of the modern-day Olympics? 

Answer: Greece and Australia 

8. Who has won more tennis grand slam titles, Venus Williams or Serena Williams? 

Answer: Serena Williams 

9. Who was the first gymnast to score a perfect 10 score? Answer: Nadia Comaneci 

10. Who was the first female driver to score points in a Grand Prix? Answer: Lella Lombardi (1975 Spanish Grand Prix)