Staples Center New Name

Staples Center New Name

Staples Center is arguably the most iconic stadium in sports history. It is home to NBA’s Lakers and Clippers, NHLs Kings, and WNBA’s sparks. In 1999 the stadium opened and since then, the globally known stadium has hung 11 new banners. Including six of them being the Lakers NBA championship, two NHLs kings Stanley cup, and three WNBAs Sparks championships.

The NBA announced on Christmas Day, the Lakers will be hosting the Brooklyn Nets but something about this game will be different, not the players, uniforms, or the fans. But the stadium? As of November 16, 2021, the 22-year-old stadium naming rights have been bought. It’s reported the deal could include 700 million dollars for an over 20-year deal, making history as one of the richest naming deals in sports history. The new name you ask? arena. Is a cryptocurrency website where you can buy an interest in a different currency other than dollar bills. These naming rights effects will be put in place on December 25, 2021.

“It’s going to be weird for sure, the next couple of months do get used to it, it’s definitely sad and they should have tried to renew it as it’s so well known.” Said San Marcos freshman basketball player, Roman Gislimberti. 

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 This could or could not affect the already struggling Lakers this season. With new editions to the team and many players unable to stay healthy, it is looking rough for the 6th seeded Lakers team.

“Staples Center has so many great memories, just for me as a kid growing up in L.A so many great things that’s happened in that building.” Said Lakers point guard, Russell Westbrook. Westbrook grew up in Long Beach, California then went to college in his home state at UCLA. After countless seasons with the OKC Thunder, he left for two other teams, seeking a forever home. Westbrook then got traded from the Washington Wizards to the Lakers the last off-season. Although Westbrook has had a rocky start it looks like he is picking it up,  as with Lebron injured and unknown to come back from injury or COVID protocol anytime soon, the team relies on their star player to seek wins.

For the Clippers, it looks like they are in the same boat, with both Lebron James and Kawhi Leonard injured they are relying on their number two options to get the job done. The Clippers are right behind the Lakers in the 7th seed, but only time will tell if they or the Lakers will glue together and start a run or not.