Jokes on You: Impractical Jokers celebrates 10 year anniversary


Imagine trying to convince a room full of strangers to try and donate to your charity for helping the poor toys around the world because you think all toys are alive like in Toy Story. That is just one of the embarrassing pranks/dares the impractical jokers had to do. But with the Impractical Jokers 10 year anniversary just happening on December 11th, one of the star cast members has announced they are officially leaving the show. Many fans are wondering if the show will continue into its 10th season. Impractical Jokers is a hidden camera reality show following four friends who compete to embarrass each other, and if they don’t, they face a consequence at the end of the episode. The show first premiered on December 11th and has been going strong for a long nine seasons.

Joe Gatto first announced he was leaving the show on Instagram on december 31st explaining that after a recent split up with his wife he decided to leave the show and focus on co-parenting his two kids. So far Joe has not made it public as to why he and his wife split up. “Alongside my friends, I’ve devoted a decade of my life to building this franchise and couldn’t be prouder of what has been accomplished. However, due to some issues in my personal life, I have to step away,” Joe announced on an instagram post the same day he announced he was leaving the show.

San Marcos senior Larry Martinez, a fan of the show for 2-3 years, has stated that he is sad Joe has to leave the show but says, “I feel like Joe is making a good decision to leave the show and take advantage that he can be there for his kids.” 

So this takes us to the question, will the show continue to bring laughter to their fans? Thankfully yes, the cast has shared that they are going to continue to make seasons despite losing a member.

It is unfortunate for Joe that he  had to choose between his kids and the show. He seems to have picked the correct decision and we still get to see the hilarious show continue and carry on to their 10th season.

Illustration by Dodge Rivadeneyra