Best Breakfast: Cereal


Breakfast, the most important meal of the day, can give you a fantastic headstart to your day or leave you in shambles with no hope of anything good happening until tomorrow. Breakfast is a high stakes meal. Restaurants typically serve pancakes, waffles, french toast, eggs, different meats, toast, fruit, and even pastries. While this is all great, none of these are close to being the illusive perfect breakfast: cereal. The perfect breakfast has to be healthy to not kill you, and taste good enough to put you in a great mood. It also has to be something that is easy to make and something you do not get bored of. Cereal covers all of these categories, it has variety, can be healthy enough, couldn’t be easier to make, and tastes phenomenal.

Image courtesy of Sofia Wallace

Cereal epitomizes variety. Not only are there countless kinds of cereal, but they can all be enjoyed in any kind of milk or even yogurt, as well as being able to host fruit as advertised on many boxes. With cereal, you can have a slightly different breakfast for all 365 days of the year. The options are limitless and can make you feel excited to wake up every morning. 

Some people assume that cereal is unhealthy, sugary, and can’t be an entire breakfast on it’s own. While cereal by itself isn’t going to make you superman, it has high amounts of vitamins and carbohydrates which will provide you with energy to last you through lunch and beyond. Some cereals are also high in protein, and combined with milk and fruit can lead to a very healthy breakfast. With that said, it is easy to go in another direction with cereal for breakfast as you can end up consuming a significant amount of sugar which would be a tragic way to start your day. Cereal for breakfast can be healthy, and doesn’t have to lead to a sugar crash.

Cereal might quite possibly be the easiest breakfast to make in the world. You open the box, pour the cereal into the bowl, add milk, and top with fruit if you so wish. That’s it. Nothing could be easier. When you can barely move and don’t want to put any effort into making breakfast, cereal is the best option.

Flavor is key when it comes to breakfast as it’s the first thing you notice when you stumble out of bed. When you are groggy and half asleep, you just want something that tastes good. Luckily, cereal has you covered. Without going the sugary route you can still have a delicious breakfast that meshes together beautifully. Milk and fruit can elevate your bowl of cereal into something refreshing and delicious. It won’t destroy your taste buds with sweetness and it will start your day on a positive note.

You probably started reading this with your own opinion on what the perfect breakfast is, but whatever that opinion is, you are wrong. If you think toast is the best breakfast, you are even more wrong. Toast is bland and boring, it can be spiced up by adding toppings, but this takes effort that quite frankly nobody wants to give at 7am on a Monday morning. Cereal is the easiest and best option for breakfast, and not trying it out is an insult to yourself.