Goodbye Goleta Coffee


Goleta Coffee has been a staple business in the Goleta Community for over 25 years. Also known as Goleta Coffee Co and Loca Vivian Kitchen, located on 177 South Turnpike road, open Seven am to Three pm. Conveniently near our San Marcos Highschool, they offer a token of peace to study and a calm between the storm, attaining a 4-star rate on Yelp.

Several customers and San Marcos students were disappointed with the new-found closure. The owner wishes not to emphasize on the specifics but landlord issues are involved. Emily Kennedy, Sophomore at San Marcos shares her feelings pertaining to the goodbye of Goleta Coffee, 

“I’ve gone there frequently since I was young, it’s a local business and everyone’s so nice. It’s a fun environment and I’m really going to miss it.” I immediately informed her of the partial good news. Counterpart of Goleta coffee, ‘Loca Vivian Kitchen’ will be continuing, although in a separate location they will continue offering  gluten-free and vegan baked goods organized from locally sourced ingredients. The business will be moving on reinstituting living good by eating good with ‘Loca Vivian Kitchen’. They will also continue to collaborate with other small local businesses.If you have been positively impacted by Goleta coffee employees or their refreshing coffee and goods, they encourage you to attend their closing day party,February 15. All earnings from that day will go towards the pay to their employees. A popular question remains, where will the infamous license plates that decorate the wall go? The owner is still searching for a new home, she says she wants them to go to a public place. 

“Over the years it has become a participatory art project,”she continues saying she will in fact not sell them. 

All in all, Goleta Coffee has always welcomed their customers warmly, providing a place to enact good conversation with even better coffee and a place where high school and college students can quietly focus with refreshments at hand. Friends re-enburst, lovers share Açaí Smoothies, all while business was held and ideas were curated.

As we say goodbye to Goleta Coffee, we also say hello.The building on the corner of Turnpike and Hollister, located across from San Marcos, has remained a silent mystery for months now. Some San Marcos students see potential and claim it would be a “quick stop to eat good food during lunch,” says sophomore Madilynn Untersiher, Insider Andre Steve from SouthWest Construction Company, claims that Lighthouse Coffee, Jersey Mikes, and Dave’s Drip House will be moving in! That is all we know for now, but our student body can be looking forward to eating delicious sandwiches, ice-cream, and coffee during their lunch breaks!

Image courtesy of Hannah Bordofsky