I Am A Big Fan of Pineapple on Pizza


What do you think about when you think about pizza? You probably think about pepperoni and cheese. Why would you not? Those are the most popular toppings on pizza. What if I told you there is a topping that broke the mold for pizza, a topping that was so creative, it is genius! I am talking about pineapple. Pineapple is different. When you eat it, you can not help but feel like you are in Hawaii with how different it is. It is so exotic and  bold that it really is an awesome approach . 

Image courtesy of Avery Estrella

If you haven’t had it you should really make an effort to. It truly is good and I think that it’s worth it. Alejandro Garcia, a freshman at San Marcos, thinks pineapple on pizza goes well together. He said, “Pineapple on pizza tastes good, I like the fact there’s a sweet aftertaste when you bite into a slice.” I can’t help but to agree, it is like sweet bombs bursting in your mouth. I cannot lie, it is definitely an acquired taste, but once you get used to it, it is awesome! David Martinez, another freshman, said, “It brings the X factor to pizza. I think pizza is boring without it.” I also agree with David. It brings something new to the table.

Some might say that it is disgusting, and that cheese and fruit should never mix. But, what do you think about strawberry cheesecake? They’re both identical! And, they both have fruit with cheese. If you are on the fence about cheese and fruit, I would like to ask you why? Many people think that pizza is a savory dish, but I beg to differ. Pizza is whatever you want it to be. For example, have you ever had cookie pizza? If you have not, it is just a big cookie that you cut like a pizza. Or have you ever had an ice cream pizza? If you have not, you can get them from Baskin Robbins. They have a cookie base with ice cream on top, which tastes really good.  To wrap it all up, there should be no problem with pineapple on pizza 

My question to a skeptic would be: why are you so close minded and will not give it a chance? I understand that the concept of pineapple on pizza can be weird but once you try it, it really is good. Why won’t you give it a chance! Why? What is your problem? I am starting to feel like you might be the problem, not the pineapple.  

Envision a summery day. It is the first day off on break. You are at the beach with the warm breeze blowing against your face as you see the sun set fall, in your hand is a perfect slice of pineapple pizza. When you eat the pizza, you must think that you are on vacation. It is not hard to envision. Now, I understand that it might be rough to like. I am not asking for you to love it, I am simply asking that you give it a chance. Try it again, and remember this article. Try it!