Dante’s Inferno: SM Potty Talk


Image courtesy of Dante Bruice

School bathrooms…nobody likes them. Let’s talk about that. I started this side quest by going into the school bathrooms and interviewing random peers. Not a single one of them said a positive remark about the bathrooms. I too think the bathrooms are atrocious. Nothing against the custodians, but the kids are seriously messing up the bathrooms. If I’m going to be honest a lot of the stuff they do to the bathrooms is funny. I seriously get second hand smoke whenever I walk into the boys bathroom. 

I interviewed an anonymous student and I asked them about the bathroom environment. They said, “It is disgusting because they are dirty and gross, they could clean them more often to keep them in good condition. It is not the custodian’s fault though, it is the fault of the students that know how to use trash cans. I do not even wanna walk into the school bathrooms. We could also put in a nice air freshener, preferably strawberry.” 

I talked to sophomore Declan McClintock and asked him if he feels comfortable in the school bathroom. Declan said, “I hold it in until I go home after practice which is at about 5 because I will never set foot into one of those bathrooms.” All the people that I interviewed have fair points. These bathrooms are filled with “vapers” and “taggers.” Taggers are people that graffiti in the bathroom and vapers are people who vape in the bathrooms. People even call the school bathrooms “The Vape Room”. 

I think the bathrooms could improve with time if people stop vandalizing the bathrooms and making them gross. We need to take care of our bathrooms the way you would treat your bathrooms at home… well at least some of your bathrooms at home.