Softball Season

Photo courtesy of San Marcos yearbook

This spring, girls softball starts off with a boom. The team has a strong 4-6 and are 3rd in the league, most recently, they destroyed Cabrillo with a 23-4 win.

“It was bad,” said standout player Kayla Aguilar when asked about how it is going so far. She reported,“It started off rough but now we are starting to dial things in.” Kayla also stated “I am looking forward to the next game, I think that we will blow them out.”

When asked who she thought stood out this season, she quickly said “ Tiana Monaghan.” She followed up with “She has been playing really well, she is doing a good job”.

All in all the team is starting off strong and with high hopes to make it undefeated for the rest of the season. Part of that is last week’s game against Lompoc. At the time of the writing it has not happened yet they are predicting a big win against the Lompoc braves. The team also beat SB 7-3 which is always nice to see, and continued their streak with wins against Cabrillo, Santa Paula, and Santa Ynez. They are 3rd in the league and play Cabrillo this week. Last weekend they played Lompoc with a heartbreaking loss but played Cabrillo.

Student athlete Kayla Aguilar has high hopes for the season “I think we have the potential to go far this year”. They already beat SB,  destroyed SB with a stunning 7-1 blowout. This week they play Santa Ynez and Cabrillo. After the break they play DP, and personally I think they could have a good shot for a deep run into the playoffs.With the high potential I would recommend going to one of their games, showing some school pride, and supporting them!

Photo courtesy of San Marcos yearbook