Who is the GOAT in the NBA?

When you hear the question, “who is the GOAT of the NBA, who comes to mind?” You’d probably say Michael Jordan or maybe Karim Abdul Jabbar, and other NBA experts are here to go over the real top three GOATS of the NBA. 

The first player we’re going over is Chris Paul also known as CP3. Chris Paul averaged 15 points per game which is outstanding! He averages 10.8 assists a game and that is currently the highest assist average in the league. We all know that assists are the most important aspect in basketball so clearly we all can agree that CP3 is in the top three. 

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Next up on the list is going to be Draymon Green. Did you know that Draymond Green’s college nickname was “The Dancing Bear,” and do you know many players with that nickname? I’d bet you don’t, Draymond Green is the one and only player with that nickname. On a team surrounded by All Star players such as Stephen Curry, Klay Thomson and Andre Iguadola, Draymond finds a way to lead and push his teammates that he refers to as his “padawans” to winning multiple NBA championships.

 Last but not least on the list is Anthony Davis. He is the only player in the NBA who is dating a hot celebrity. He is currently dating pop star Lizzo. I believe her attractiveness motivates him to be one of the best players of all time. Some people believe that his unibrow gives him magical powers, and it is scientifically proven that it does in fact give him extra strength and vision on the court. 

Overall, the top 3 players of all time are Chris Paul, Draymond Green and Anthony Davis. All this information is proven to be true so if you have other opinions please disregard them.

hannah-8-1Luke Sheffey

Staff Writer