Short Poems

            Poetry is a way of expressing emotions, putting out opinions, and reflecting on the world around us. This month, April, is poetry month! To celebrate I’ve written a few Haikus and short poems. ‘

A Haiku

By Jess Thomphson

The future is fast 
The present seems slow to start 
And the past is missed 

Ten years old we smiled 
The reality of life 
Hidden from our eyes


By Jess Thomphson

The people talk 
Voices hidden under the rushing water 
muffled words choked and stolen 
Drops of syllables slipping through desperate fingers 
Only for them to fall to the ground 
A puddle of hope sinking into the floor 
An exploding heat bursting from the sun 
Clouds forming and a crack of thunder snaps the silence 
Rain pouring down 
Impossible to ignore 

Little Hands

By Jess Thomphson

Little hands reach out for the sun 
Eyes shining as they laugh 
For they can’t hear the voices saying it’s impossible to reach 
Little hands reach further and further 
Their eyes see galaxies and worlds in the rays of the sun 
They see a hope 
Little hands grow up 
The suns blistering heat burning their skin 
Glowing heat burning their eyes 
Tears fall down their face 
The cool waters pouring down to soothe their burns
Little hands hesitate 
A vengeful glare in their eyes 
But the sun meant no harm 
It’s burning rays continue to swirl 
And little hands grown big and strong 
Reach up again 
Because the little hands never stopped 
And they grabbed the sun from the sky


By Jess Thomphson

There will be no roses at their funeral 
For the thorns could hurt those present 
There will be no black clothing at their funeral 
The color of life will not be erased 
There will be no speeches at their funeral 
Words cannot describe the feelings they have 
There will be no distant relatives at their funeral 
Strangers have no need to grieve 
There will be no photos at their funeral 
May the memory of the event be erased from your mind 
There will be no people at their funeral 
No one to cry in their name 
There will be no memory of them at their funeral 
There will be no reason to mourn 
There will be no funeral for them 
For they fear the pain it would cause those they love