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Promtastic Fashion!

Mark your calendars because Prom season is here! April 23 marks San Marcos’ prom at the Moxi. For us seniors, we have been waiting for this moment for four years. Because of this, this month hasn’t been easy, in fact it is super stressful. From buying tickets, possibly finding dates, to figuring out pre-prom plans, and to the most important thing in my opinion, finding the perfect outfit. Whether it’s a dress or a tux, we obviously want to look unforgettable. I hope this article brings you some relief, and maybe even some inspiration if you are an underclassman. Keep reading if you want to see the latest prom fashion trends. 



My favorite trend of all time has to be silk dresses. They are so elegant and timeless. 

I feel like these type of dresses will be around for a very long time. Satin dresses come in a variety of colors, they are usually floor length. You can find tighter fitting dresses, or even ball gown styled ones. Some of  my favorite silk dresses I have seen are all pastel ranging from baby blue, baby pink, and sage green. 

One shoulder: 

If you feel like having two straps is not for you, one is just perfect. These dresses have just come into style recently, by this I mean they wouldn’t have been around in the 80’s or 90’s. The style is exactly what it sounds like, usually a thick strap that goes from about your armpit over your shoulder. It is such a simple detail, but makes everyone look so sophisticated. These dress types are usually tighter.

Illustration courtesy of Lexani Esparza

Plain and simple:

If you don’t feel like dressing up in a big princess ball gown this option might be the best for you. This year I have seen a lot of plain colored, tight fitting dresses. Y2K fashion styles have really impacted  this category. A simple A-Line prom dress is so classy, and very easy to dress up as well. With this style you will for sure be the it girl! Senior Rya Cummings agrees with this. “I think simple dresses are making a comeback. I really like the look of simple dresses because I think they are very classy and I love the minimalistic feeling of it. Plus, you have the option to style it with flashy or small jewelry pieces.” You can really do a lot with this dress style, which is why so many people love it. 

Ball gown (more glitter!): 

This type of dress will make you the princess in every room. The ball gown style dress has been around for so long. These types of dresses are extra, but who doesn’t want to be extra on prom. There are so many types of ball gown dresses you are guaranteed to find one you love. If you don’t know what a ball gown dress is, think Cinderella, Belle, etc. These dresses are tighter at the top and waist and huge and fluffy at the bottom. Lots of ball gown dresses I have seen are super glittery. “I feel like recently sequence has been out but a bunch of glitter on every dress is in!” Said senior Julia Parks. I relate to this because personally my dress gets glitter everywhere. 


This might come as a surprise to you but, neon is pretty in right now for dresses. While scrolling on my for you page on tik tok I discovered this. Honestly, neon dresses are underrated. These bright colors will for sure make you the star in the room! Colors I have seen range from pink, to orange, and even electric blue. The thing that I love about the neon trend is how good it looks on everyone’s skin tone. 


Black tie: 

A black suit and tie goes with anything. This trend will never die! There’s not much to say about it besides you are sure to look very sharp if you choose this option.

Patterned/ colorful suit: 

If your dates outfit is super simple, you can get very 

unique with your suit. Patterns and bright colored tuxedos are all of the hype right now. I’ve seen florals, cheetah print, pink suits, red, etc. Have fun with it, and express yourself!

I hope you got some inspiration for a prom dress or tuxedo, or just had a good time looking at all of the trends. I know whatever you wear will look amazing! Make sure to have a safe and fun prom Royals. 

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Promtastic Fashion!