The Almost Perfect Game

Image courtesy of Wikimedia

This year Clayton Kershaw could have joined the select few pitchers that have had perfect games. Kershaw would have cemented his legacy in MLB history as one of 22 pitchers who have thrown a perfect game. 

This game took place in Minnesota and Clayton Kershaw was on fire. Sure, the fastball velocity isn’t nearly what it used to be, But the Dodgers southpaw was absolutely dealing, reminding everyone that he is one of the greatest pitchers of this generation. Kershaw dealt his way through 7 perfect innings of work. He struck out 13 Twins, utilizing that slider often and inducing a whole lot of swings and misses. Minnesota never stood a chance. But the Dodgers pitcher had the opportunity for the first perfect game of his career, but fate had other plans. 

Kershaw was coming off the first arm injury of his career in 2021. The Dodgers do need to be careful with him, especially in his first start of the season. Dave Roberts sat down and talked with him before he went out for the 7th inning. That conversation must have been something about that inning being it for him. Some people believe it that his perfect game was ruined but others believe it was the right move such as junior Ian Burnett saying “I loved how great Kershaw playing but I do believe that the dodgers made the right move, I think if they kept him in for the whole game there would be a large chance that he would re-injure his arm I just don’t think that the risk to reward ratio was worth it.” Ian is a junior on the JV baseball team. Ian is hoping to make varsity next year but it will be hard due to all the talent trying out for varsity. Overall Clayton Kershaw’s game was a legendary performance and whether you think it was the right move to pull him or not is your decision.