Spazzy Wazzy Victory

The San Marcos dodgeball tournament has come to an end, and the Spazzy Wazzy’s have been crowned champions. The Spazzy Wazzy’s were led by captain Wyatt Miller, with teammates Addison Headley, Caden Hodina, Patrick Kelly, Kyle Foley and Luke Hoover backing him up. It was a competitive tournament for everyone, but the Spazzy’s found a way to only lose one set the entire tournament. After interviews with a few of the winners, it was easy to see their confidence was never shaken. They always knew they were going to win because of their chemistry and skills. 

The Spazzy Wazzy’s

I asked Caden Hodina and Wyatt Miller about the tournament, and the one thing they remained adamant about was their team chemistry. They are all best friends and have utmost faith in each other, and to them victory seemed inevitable. I asked them both who they thought the MVP was on their team, and they couldn’t choose one. To them, everyone played well enough to be named MVP. Further inquiring about the team, they came to a consensus that Addison Headley was the player with the best hands. Addison seemed to catch anything thrown at him, coming up big for his team over and over again. Kyle Foley was named as the most clutch player. In a three versus one situation, he managed to clutch the win and lead his team to victory. As a unit, the team played extremely well in every aspect. 

The team that gave the Spazzy’s the most trouble was the Slump Busters. The team consisted of several Varsity baseball players, so tensions were high before the game and the Spazzy’s were intimidated. They lost the first set going down fighting, and as player Wyatt Miller states, “our backs were against the wall.” It seemed like their run might be over, but when the time came they came back and won two sets in a row to secure the victory. They credit their chemistry and determination to that win, never backing down from a challenge. 

Spirits were high after the championship win, and Patrick Kelly wants to go again next year. “It felt great to take the win. We all wanted to win a championship and I think our team chemistry was just too much for every team. I love these guys and would go to war with them anywhere.” 

The winners all agree that the dodgeball tournament has become an essential San Marcos tradition, and would like to see it every year. Competition will become stronger and new teams will be made, so the Spazzy Wazzy’s look to continue their reign and win again next year to solidify them as two time champions.