Fathers Day Traditions around the World

Image Courtesy of Creative Commons

Father’s Day was originally introduced in America as a day to honor a veteran who was a single father of six. Since 1910, it’s always been celebrated on the third Sunday in June. Father’s Day is celebrated all over the world in a ton of cool different ways, and now we will be going over five ways other countries celebrate Father’s Day. 

In Germany, Father’s Day is known as Vatertag and is known for letting the boys act like men. Everyone has the day off ofx work and school and allows the fathers to have little to no responsibilities for the day. Some of the activities include drinking beer and riding a beer bike. Day drinking is all over the place, and not just because they have the day off. It’s a national holiday and the following Friday is usually a bridge day, giving them a four day weekend. This German tradition dates back to the Middle Ages in the form of a religious ceremony that honors ‘Gott, den Vater’ (God, The Father). The Middle Ages became the 1700s, Vatertag and fathers would be carted into the town square and the one with the most children received a gift which was usually a large ham. 

Father’s Day in Brazil is on the second Sunday of August. Called Dia dos Pais, this tradition first started to honor Saint Joachim; the saint of fathers and grandfathers. Like in the United States, Dia dos Pais is celebrated by having children buy their fathers a gift and spending time in school making cards. Brazil’s a Catholic country and because Dia dos Pais falls on a Sunday it is not a public holiday, Fathers do not get the day off of work, and most businesses follow regular hours. 

In Thailand Father’s Day is very important. It is celebrated on December 5th. It is called ‘Wan Por’and started to honor King Bhumibol Adulyadej, the longest serving monarch in Thai history. The king is seen as the symbolic father of Thailand and the day to honor the longest serving king is also to honor all of the fathers. The people of Thailand usually give their fathers and grandfathers a canna flower, which is similar to a lily. Many Thai camp out the night before wearing yellow to symbolize the day the king was born in 1927. Fathers also get to travel for free on the Bangkok Mass Transit System if they bring a child.

Father’s Day is celebrated all over the world in different ways, whether it is in December or August, whether it is to honor a king or to show your appreciation for your father. We are so lucky to have fathers and grandfathers, so no matter what country you’re in, remember to tell your father figure that you love them.