Freshman Spotlight

This year, we welcomed a new, dashing young group of freshmen to our school.  Although often shoved aside, freshman year is quite a crucial experience as it introduces a life-changing time in a young adult’s life. Greta Hill and Izzie Radcliffe, two current freshmen, gave their opinions on this chaotic stage that they happen to be living through right now at San Marcos.

We asked both Greta and Izzie what has helped them integrate best into high school, they both responded by attending sports games, especially football games which provide an easy way to meet new people and feel the fun Royals pride. Izzie also reported that being on the JV tennis team provided her with many new friends and the same for Greta, who is on the cheer squad. 

Both girls have found that the biggest difference between middle school and high school so far has been that people change. 

“I would tell my past self that high school isn’t scary, but people change so you should branch out and try to meet new people,” said Izzie/Radcliffe.

Greta adds, “It can be hard to stay close with old friends in high school because now they have new friends and change as well”.

Both Greta and Izzie have emphasized the importance of meeting new people and joining a sports team or other extracurriculars. These girls bring up a great reminder for not just freshmen but for all the Royals to branch out and keep an open mind. You never know who might need a friend.