Bath and Body Works Halloween Fall Essentials 

Bath and Body Works Halloween Fall Essentials 

            With the new spooky season coming, bath and body works released their 2022 Halloween/fall collection. Everything ranging from spooky candles, lotions, hand soaps, accessories and more. Unlike other stores, bath and body works released their Halloween collection early this year starting July 18th since it was such a hit last year. They have been adding new scents and items ever since to fulfill all of our fall/October cravings.  Bath and body works blew us away this year’s Halloween 2022  spooky collection and is expected to be the brands best yet. 

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       Starting off strong with the frightfully good fragrances by releasing Four fan-favorite returning scents — Vampire Blood, Ghoul Friend, Pumpkin Carving, and Spooky Cider Lane along with an additional two brand new scents called Enchanted Candy Potion and Stardust magic. Enchanted candy potion is said to have a fairy, sugary,  berry scent while Stardust magic has more of a whimsical, caramel and vanilla scent. Enchanted Candy Potion, Ghoul Friend, Pumpkin Carving, Stardust Magic, Sugared Spell, VampireBlood, and Wicked Vanilla Woods, are all must needs for this year’s halloween. These brand new and returning items come in a variety of candles, hand sanitizers , sprays and more! So you can enjoy your favorite scent however you’d like. 

        The amazing scents aren’t the only things to wonder about. This fang-tastic collection includes tons of wicked decor and accessories to pair with your favorite scent. Starting off big with the water globe eye pedestal and giant haunted house luminary then moving on to the iridescent skull candle holder, haunted-house-themed wall plug-ins, spider-embellished soap holders, and Halloween themed hand sanitizer cases. While also bringing back the viral witch hand candle holder. All these items can be purchased inside or online but can be hard to find due to popularity, so make sure to look now! Bath and body works also recently announced they are giving away a free Halloween pocket back with any purchase. All you need to do is show the coupon and you shall receive.

     This year’s Halloween collection has definitely blown us away this year with its frightfully good items. Don’t forget to stop by and grab your favorite item before it’s gone!