Two Week Thanksgiving


As Thanksgiving approaches, students have started to anticipate the annual week break to celebrate this lovely holiday. Upon interviewing several students, a popular debate is spreading regarding the length of the break. 

Image courtesy of Ashley Sorensen

Rover Ojendis, a freshman on the J.V. football team said, “Thanksgiving is an important time to meet with family and for those of us who have family coming from all over the world, many days out of that week can be dedicated to traveling. We should have two weeks of Thanksgiving break so the cost of travel and time is worth it and we can spend more valuable time together.” 

It is important to recognize that many people need to travel far distances to meet their families and Rover rightfully brings this issue to light. 

Oscar Flores, a senior at San Marcos, added to this point with his own personal experience, “My mom’s side of the family meets once a year during Thanksgiving. A lot of my family lives far from Santa Barbara so it is the only time I see them. If Thanksgiving break was two weeks I would have more time to spend with them each year.”

 Both of these students bring up an extremely valid point and represent many of the San Marcos students as well as staff’s feelings. Some might say that Christmas break, which consists of two weeks off, is close to Thanksgiving break and so it should not be two weeks.However, students spend every 5 out of 7 days a week attending school. They are more than entitled to an extra week off.

 Not only is it important to spend time with family, but also spend time with oneself, ponder on the many things to be grateful for, take a mental break and have some time to focus on passions. School can be a very busy time and it is never a bad idea to slow down and focus on the meaningful things in life. A two week Thanksgiving break would provide just the time for this and expand the holiday cheer.