Skiing vs Snowboarding

A lot of people would rather go skiing than snowboarding. I agree with them because skiing is easier, more fun, and you’re less likely to fall in skis than snowboards. Here are my reasons for my thoughts.

People either say it is easier or more comfortable than having to keep both your legs stuck together while going down a mountain. To put on skis, you have to simply put your foot in until you hear a click. As for snowboards, it is a lot more complicated because you have to sit down somewhere and strap both your feet in and know which part of your snowboard is the front. I have skied for a very long time and every time I am in line for a lift, I always see a snowboarder having to use one foot to drag themselves in order to move. When they get to the top they have to put their snowboard back on. But if you use skis then you can just walk with them on, and when you get off of the lift you do not have to put them on since you already have them on. 

Say you are snowboarding and want to make some cool tricks on the big jump. The big jump is coming up and you want to move your legs around but you cannot. When you get down, you are upset because you cannot move your legs and do cool tricks as your legs are stuck together when you are snowboarding. But with skiing, you can move your legs freely and do more tricks. 

Some people may disagree with my opinions and say that snowboarding is better than skiing. However, I will say that snowboards are easier to carry and not lose than skis since there are two skis for both feet, while there is just one snowboard. There are also the ski poles that some people use to help them go up a hill. In that aspect I think snowboards are better. When skiing I always see snowboarders on the ground or falling very easily. This is because snowboards are one piece of equipment. Your feet are stuck in one place the whole time you are snowboarding, and not being able to move your feet makes it more difficult. 

With that being said, we can (hopefully) all agree that skiing is better and easier than snowboarding. If not, that is totally understandable and you have the right to have your own opinion. If it did then that is great and next time you go to the snow, try skiing instead of snowboarding, I promise it will be very fun.