Valentine’s Origami

For many people, Valentine’s Day is regarded as nothing more than a romantic holiday geared towards couples, or an excuse to overmarket heart-shaped chocolates and pink candies to kids. But it’s also a great time to show the people in your life that you care. From handmade cards to baked goods, there are dozens of ways to get creative during this time of year. One idea of how to do this is origami. Origami is the Japanese art of paper folding. Using a square piece of paper in the color of your choice, you can make anything you want from the traditional crane to a complex sculpture. For Valentine’s Day, there are many gift and card ideas in Origami that would warm the heart of whomever you choose to gift it to. 

Number One: Bouquet 

Image Courtesy of Baylie Bingham

1 – Fold into fourths and create incisions going roughly a centimeter down

2 – Fold them inwards into triangles, this is your stem

3 – Roll another piece of paper (your flower) and flare out the top

4 – Place your rolled flower into the stem and repeat to however many flowers you want

5 – Fold another piece of paper and place your flowers into it

6 – Arrange and tape your bouquet and give it to someone you love! 

Number Two: Heart Card

Image Courtesy of Baylie Bingham

1 – Starting white side up, fold in half on both diagonals 

2 – Fold the top corner to the center

3 – Fold the bottom corner to the top

4 – Fold the left and right edges up diagonally aligning to the center

5 – Turn the model over and fold in the tops and edges

6 – Write your message and you are done!

Have fun folding!