Virtual Halloween Costumes


With school, sports, and everything in between being virtual, Halloween’s spooky traditions seem canceled. Not at the King’s Page! We put some fun costume ideas together to try out, but here’s the catch. We want you to try them over Zoom! They are easy to make and probably consist of things you already have at home. Junior Madeline Miller always makes her costumes out of simple materials that most students probably already have.

“I usually use fabric and cardboard, and sometimes construction paper,” said junior Madeline. “This year I am going to be using cardboard, duct tape, and fabric. I am going to make a mushroom hat costume!” 

Homemade costumes are not only more personal and customized to you, but they are better for the environment. Factory made costumes are made out of toxic materials and have to be shipped around the world, severely harming the planet. So this Halloween, try making your own costume to help the environment.  to help the environment. 

If you have a class with a friend, wear matching costumes! You can never go wrong with some of these looks listed. Always remember when celebrating with friends to be conscious of keeping yourself and others safe. Have fun!

Singular or Group Costumes:

-Becoming a Mummy won’t be as difficult as those history teachers make it seem. For this costume, all you need to do is put on a white tee, and grab some gauze to wrap around your arms, toros, and head lightly.

-When you think of Halloween, one of the first things that come to mind are the festive pumpkin patches and jack-o-lanterns! You too, can have the pumpkin glow with an orange shirt with a green long sleeve shirt underneath and a spooky face glued to the front cut out of black construction paper.

Pumpkin costume. Photo courtesy of Olivia Miller Olivia Marceda

A Timepiece Costume:

-With all of these old-style trends coming back, if you already have those 90’s, 70’s, 80’s essentials why not put your hair back in that side ponytail and scrunchie? This costume is an effortless one. 


– You don’t have to be a gross Frankenstien with no fashion sense, now you can be a new and improved spooky yet cute Monster! Spray your hair white with hair spray dye and throw on a green tee-shirt. Add a choker to complete the look.

-Disney characters 

– The emotions from inside out! Wear a blue sweater and chalk dye your hair to be Sadness. Wear a green dress with a pink scarf to be Disgust.

Inside Out costumes. Photo courtesy of Olivia Miller Olivia Marceda

– Disney princesses! Come to zoom in a yellow dress holding a rose to be belle. Someone else could wear a blue dress and hold some mice stuffed animals to be Cinderella.

Disney princess costumes. Photo courtesy of Olivia Miller Olivia Marceda.

Cartoon characters! 

– Charlie Brown characters! To become Charlie Brown all you need is a yellow shirt, black fabric, and a marker! Cut out a zig-zag shape from the black fabric and attach it to the yellow shirt! Drag a Curl que on your forehead to complete the Charlie Brown hair! If you want to be Lucy, all you need is a blue dress and commanding attitude.

– Become the Flintstones! Use an oversized colored shirt with triangle cut-outs and layer a black shirt underneath. You will already be dressed for the Stone Age in seconds.

– The Power puff girls are back and ready to be your Halloween costume! Coordinate with your friends so that one wears all pink, another all green, and the third all blue.

The Powerpuff Girls costumes. Photo courtesy of Olivia Miller Olivia Marceda.

San Marcos has a perfect record when it comes to showing school spirit for holidays and we’re definitely not going to let that record change because school is online. Have a happy Halloween!