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Why SBCC Is A Good Option
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College is a huge milestone, especially for high school students applying as undergraduates to many different schools. There are so many different ways to go that it can be very difficult to choose a college path that is right for you. You can apply to private colleges, public colleges (like the UCs and CSUs), or you can take the City College route, most notably Santa Barbara City College (SBCC). After considering all the other options, and perusing their lengthy and complicated application processes, SBCC stands as a reasonable and strong choice for higher education. 

A wide view of SBCC’s West Campus.
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SBCC’s Promise program allows students who are Santa Barbara residents to go to college for free for two years. This is a unique opportunity to save money that other, more expensive colleges, do not offer. If you are still figuring out what you want to major in and what you want to do after college, SBCC serves as a way to complete your GEs, cost-free. Save yourself the financial stress of paying tuition for a school that may strip financial aid away from you if you decide to change majors or if your family’s income changes. The Promise program is non-discriminatory, and frankly, a great deal for your wallet and your peace of mind. Plus, you get a guaranteed transfer to a University of California school.

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Going to SBCC also means that you won’t have to give up the comforts of Santa Barbara’s cozy environment and close proximity to the ocean and the city simultaneously. That’s right, you won’t be dealing with snow during the fall and winter at another college with inadequate heating. Nice weather, easy access to sports and shops and restaurants, what more could you ask for? You won’t have to worry about campus safety, because you will be staying elsewhere and the crime rate is so minuscule at SBCC anyway. And compared to another school, where you would be completely alone, knowing virtually nobody, SBCC offers the added benefit of being able to stay connected to friends you have made who are not old enough for college yet and your family. When coronavirus dwindles down, you will appreciate the accessibility to your loved ones immensely.

You won’t have to worry about missing your old friends at SBCC. Photo courtesy of Creative Commons

If you’re still not convinced, check out this anonymous testimonial from a current SBCC student.

Why did you choose SBCC? I chose SBCC because of the Promise program and how easy it was for my schedule and life.

Are you planning on transferring to a different school after completing your GE’s at SBCC? Yeah, definitely. My plan is to transfer to Cal Poly SLO to finish college.

What kind of student would you recommend going to SBCC? Any student that can go should go. There is no downside. It’s cheap even if you aren’t eligible for the Promise program, and there are so many resources available on campus to help you. The school has such an open and welcoming community.

How SBCC is doing classes with COVID-19?  Classes are a little harder for me, being online this semester. Because I have no live lectures, I have to do it all on my own. It seems like a lot of my friends that go to SBCC have most of their classes live. It depends on what classes you are taking.

How is your experience taking classes at SBCC versus in high school? It’s definitely different, but it’s awesome because you make classes fit around your own schedule, rather than in high school, where it’s all planned for you.

Do you like your professors? Definitely. Most of my professors have been great. They are super helpful, and if you reach out for extra help, they can really tailor the learning to your needs.

Have you made any major decisions about what you want to do after college that you wouldn’t have been able to do if you weren’t at SBCC? No, not really. Santa Barbara City College is so broad that I can pretty much explore a lot of different subjects and don’t have to worry about picking one.

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Why SBCC Is A Good Option