Look To Lance—December 2020 Edition


Look To Lance is a monthly advice column featured in The King’s Page. All questions and answers are 100% anonymous. For advice on friendships, relationships, school, food, fashion, or anything else, drop a question in Lance’s askbox at thekingspage.com. 

Lancelot the Lion, the official SMHS mascot. 

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Since the start of this whole pandemic, my skin has been breaking out like crazy. And it’s not just mask-ne either, though there’s plenty of that to go around. I have at least 20 pimples all over my face and exactly zero strategies to get rid of them. Can you help me do so—or better yet, help me to prevent getting zits in the first place?


Angry at My Acne

Hey there,

It is very understandable that your skin has been stressed out during these stressful times—and the only way that your skin can communicate its anxiety is through acne. Luckily, there are multiple measures you can take in both your skincare routine and in your overall lifestyle to have clearer skin. The easiest thing you can start to implement is to simply avoid touching your face. I know as well as anyone that it can be hard to break bad habits like popping zits and picking at your face, so I would suggest that you distract yourself every time you feel the urge to reach up and touch your face. Yell “STOP” at yourself in your head to start with, and eventually not touching your face will be so automatic that you will not need reminders. You might be putting your skin in an uncomfortable position while you sleep, too. To fix that, you might want to invest in a silk pillowcase (it does not have to be very expensive—just make sure that it will not irritate your face and is free of allergens). Washing your sheets every week, sleeping on your back, and avoiding laundry detergent with fragrances will also help you put your best face forward. If you have a little more time these days, do a bit of research into what your skin type is (oily, dry, combination, or normal). This will point you towards products, like moisturizing face masks, that will be good for your type of skin. Finally, remembering to wash your face twice a day with a mild cleanser, and avoiding sugar and dairy as much as possible, will only benefit you. Here’s to a fresh face in the future—yours!

This question might be a tad personal, so I’m very glad it’s anonymous. Long story short, I have been struggling with my identity for a long time. I haven’t told anyone about it because I really do not want to worry them. That being said, I plan to come out as gay this Christmas. How do I go about this?


Christmas in the Closet?

Hey there,

I first want to tell you that I am very proud of you for figuring out who you are. You are valid, you are strong, and you are lovely, just the way you are. As a member of the LGBT+ community myself, I know it can be hard sometimes to come out, especially if your loved ones are not as accepting as you would like them to be. First and foremost, please ensure that it is safe for you to do so. I am assuming you are a student, in which case you are a minor, and someone who still stands the risk of being kicked out of their home if their parent(s) or guardian(s) disapprove that strongly of them being gay. California itself is a pretty liberal state, so homophobic individuals run few and far between, but it would still be wise to tread with caution (especially if you are not sure about your family members’ level of respect for members of the LGBT+ community). To test the waters, try mentioning that a friend of yours recently came out. Leave their name out, though. If your parent(s) or guardian(s) react with disdain, bring up religious justification for why your “friend” is wrong, or say something like “I hope I never find out my child is gay”, that is a pretty good sign that you would be unsafe coming out. However, if the adult(s) in charge of you respond positively, or even neutrally, to this news, with sentiments like, “I love you and support you no matter what”, you are probably good to go. Since you wrote that you are planning to come out for Christmas, why not make and decorate some tasty baked goods for your family to share? You could spell out “I’M GAY, MERRY CHRISTMAS” in frosting letters, on cookies, brownies, or cupcakes. Or, you could leave a gift under the tree to open in front of the rest of your family: a box filled with rainbow confetti. Maybe even make a Christmas playlist, but sprinkle in songs by artists who are LGBT+ throughout and end with “I’m Coming Out” by Diana Ross. There are lots more ideas, so choose one that makes you feel comfortable. I wish you the best of luck, and do not hesitate to write back if you need anything.

Trust Lance with all your secrets. Photo courtesy of Adaline Macgregor

I am 15, and nearing the age to apply for my first real job. The only problem is that even though I’ll be of age, my parents won’t let me work in-person, so that has severely lessened my job opportunities. What’s a temporary source of income that I can rely upon for now, while we’re still social distancing?


Work Wanted

Hey there,

Good news! There are plenty of ways to make legitimate cash without ever leaving your house. One of the most popular options these days is to go through your closet and set aside clothes, shoes, and accessories that do not fit you anymore or that you are no longer interested in. Make sure they are still wearable, and do not have any holes, breakage, or stains. Then, make an Instagram account to auction off your clothes, and take some time to give it an eye-catching username. Snap some photos of potential outfits, and set a starting price for each of your clothing pieces, in each Instagram post you make. Only sell to the highest bidder, and decide in your head what your maximum sale price will be (keep it realistic). You can also make a decent amount of points that you can turn into gift cards and cash with survey sites like YouGov and SurveyJunkie. One tip, though—never give your address to sites like these, unless they are sending you a test product. You do not want junk mail of any kind. In addition, I have noticed from personal experience that Visa gift cards expire quickly, so it would be wiser to spend points on Amazon gift cards or other, non-expiring gift cards. It may be frustrating trying to qualify for surveys, but do not give up, because you will get more fitting surveys (and will be more likely to get rewarded for them) the more you attempt them. The last idea I have for you is one that you might have heard of on social media: save your receipts. Apps like Fetch Rewards and Ibotta generate points that can be used towards purchases at tons of stores and restaurants, all based on receipts you scan. If your family members do not want their receipts, ask if you can have them—their trash can be your treasure. Have fun making money!