Two Truths and a Lie: Teacher (Holiday) Edition



The three teachers Photoshopped in festive costumes. Olivia Miller/The King’s Page

Ms. Pantages

  1. I watch all the extended edition Lord Of The Rings movies with my sister every winter and basically have them memorized.
  2. I have sung Christmas carols in Hollywood for multiple celebrities at holiday parties.
  3. My family usually makes ham and Christmas cookies for Christmas Eve.

Ms. Kipp

  1. I grew up speaking Spanish.
  2. I have 3 sisters and one brother.
  3. I have been to France 23 times!!!

Ms. Saleh

  1. I grew up the only biological child of my parents but as one of 14 other siblings.  
  2. In my 20’s I spent every summer backpacking around the world and staying in hostels.  
  3. I went to Jr. Olympics for snowboarding.  


Ms. Pantages: Lie #3 (“We make Greek food!”—Ms. Pantages)

Ms. Kipp: Lie #1

Ms. Saleh Lie #3 (“So so false…I spend most of my snowboarding time on my butt on the mountain.”—Ms. Saleh)