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Elysium Island: Chapter 4
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Jada’s eyes were focused on the waves that were growing bluer and bluer as the sun disappeared behind the horizon. She had a big decision to make one that would be very impactful in her life. The breeze helped her calm her thoughts and seemed to open her mind. 

She shivered as a particularly cold gust of wind blew through her hair. She needed to go back to her room. And go get something to eat. She had only had breakfast that morning before leaving for the ship. So much had changed in just one day she didn’t know if she wanted to make things go back to normal or follow Violet’s advice. She didn’t want to go back and confront them all after leaving in such a rude way. 

She felt pretty bad about the whole situation and guilt ate at her, she felt so useless and heavy. She had been avoiding all responsibilities since her brother had passed away and now, when people try to help her she just gets mad at them. Maybe if she had just been more active in her own life they would have told her about the Island’s opportunity. There was no way of knowing what would have happened and Jada couldn’t change the way she had acted, but she could change the way she would act. 

Even though she had been tricked into coming onto the island just a couple of hours ago, she had learned a lot about herself and she had been forced to make her own decisions. Maybe the Island would be good for her, maybe it would help her heal. 

Jada sighed, feeling a headache coming on, the bright sun had faded into the ocean long ago and she let out a yawn. She hadn’t slept in a while, nerves had kept her up the previous night and there wasn’t any place to rest on the boat ride to the island. Jada would need sleep if she was going to make any decisions which meant staying on the island just a little bit longer. She yawned again as she stumbled through the sand on the way to her room, she supposed staying just a bit longer wouldn’t hurt. 


Jada woke up the next morning and immediately began to panic. The silky blue sheets and high ceilings were foreign to her and it took her a few seconds to catch her breath and realize where she was. She was on the Island and she was safe. She pushed herself to get out of bed and to stand on the soft rug beneath her bed as she tried to gather her thoughts. 

She had an important decision to make, one that would no doubt impact her life. She looked at her room, the warm sunlight streaming through the window which gave a view of palm trees swaying in a gentle breeze. This island was definitely a paradise and it was so hard to even argue against the idea of staying, but Jada still had her reservations. 

She sighed as she got ready to face the day. 


Jada took some shaky breaths as she walked down the path to the office. She felt like her decision was made and now she just had to be brave enough to announce her feelings. She was sure she was doing the right thing, but a part of her whispered that she wasn’t. 

So, instead of focusing on her anxiety, she admired the Island. She hadn’t seen too much of it and while it was beautiful.

The path was a simple one made out of the dark, flat rocks littered in a narrow line. The line was scattered all over the place, leading to different places on the island or near the resort. There were many types of flowers blooming all around and multiple fountains decorating the grass that the pass ran through. There was a particular fountain that had 3 different sized layers and at the very top, there was a rose made out of stone. And once Jada looked around more she noticed that it was the only rose in the entire garden. Not one real rose was blooming, only the one carved from stone. 

It was strange, the rest of the carvings that she had seen or symbols, were laurel wreaths that were used in Ancient Greece. It seemed to be the theme, having noticed that there was one on the invitation as well. As she walked closer to the office she passed by a couple of palm trees that seemed to have just been planted a while ago. They were only a few feet taller than her and had fresh dirt around the roots. 

She entered the classy office and the receptionist gestured to a door. Jada took that as an invitation and she carefully turned the swirled golden handle, opening the door into a bright office. As she walked in both Nigel and Violet turned and smiled at her. 

“How are you?” Violet asked, gesturing to a comfy-looking seat. 

Jada walked over and took a seat while she thought of a good way to answer. “I’ve been better.” The two siblings gave her sympathetic looks. 

“Have you thought about staying?” Nigel asked, cutting to the chase. 

Jada nodded. “I think I want to stay.” She looked at Nigel and Violet and noticed how they radiated kindness and they looked so hopeful. Their eyes shined with compassion and Jada knew that they would help her heal; if there was one thing she was sure of, it was that.

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Elysium Island: Chapter 4