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The DO’s and DON’Ts of Spring/Summer 2021 fashion

Since 2020 was such a wild year and lots of things changed, it is no surprise that we as people changed as well. Quarantine was a time of discovering yourself and exploring the many new trends that sprouted from the pandemic. 2021 is a new year of truly being yourself and expressing yourself however you do. For many of us that is through our clothes. With Spring & Summer coming up and school now being in person, a fun thing to do is pick out some new outfits and become part of the latest trends. I know it can be hard to decide what to wear sometimes so learning more about what is in is sure to help. Social media has a big influence on how we act and think. Additionally we are also impacted by seeing what celebrities wear online. Models and influencers set the trends for many men and women all around the world. Personally I look on Pinterest and Instagram often for inspiration. “ I am so excited for this summer due to all of the upcoming trends. Some of my favorites I see and will definitely wear are the bright colored mesh bathing suit wraps, platform flip flops, slip dresses, and of course long levi jean shorts” said sophomore Sammi Allison. “I am also currently loving low rise jeans, uggs, bright colored rings, track suits, and oversized vintage jackets.”  Sammi loves fashion, she  is inspired by vintage/y2k looks and this is her input. Spring is here and with Summer coming up, it is getting a lot warmer. For a lot of us this means out with the old and in with the new.  “Spring time fashion is more simple because the weather is getting hotter and it’s a great time to break out the shorts and t-shirts” said Junior Ethan Rivas. Ethan has more of a streetwear style and his outfits consist of cool sneakers, and always a cool graphic tee. 


Examples of lots of color, halter tops, knitted dress, and colorful jewelry. Top photo curtesy of @alexdolnick on Instagram, bottom left @emiliasilberg, lastly bottom right @alexporpora.

Colorful Jewelry:

Gold and Silver Jewelry will forever be a classic and classy, but the dainty pieces we love are taking a break… for now. I have seen lots of people wearing chunky rings that come in multiple different colors and styles. These rings are made out of resin or clay and they are super bold. Along with this, chains with colorful charms on it are also in style, and beaded necklaces. Brands that carry these jewelry pieces are Monchermoi, and @Marthacalvo on Instagram. 

Halter/ wrap tops: 

Of course crop tops are back for the warmer weather, but a special type of shirt are halter tops and or wrap tops. These looks add some more spice to the plain crop tops. You can find these almost at every store. 

Bright colors/ pastels: 

Every year when Spring and Summer come around, the bright colors come out. You can see these colors in bathing suits, dresses, shirts, pants, etc. “Pastel colors are  gonna be in and I am really into cool sneakers, along with cool jewelry pieces” said sophomore Gabe Munoz. 

This year, bright swimsuits are in style along with matching wraps/ cover ups. The pastel and bright colors are also seen a lot in crazy, almost psychedelic patterns such as hibiscus flowers, trippy patterns, tie dye etc. 


Since it is getting warmer you think wearing thinner clothes is going to be most essential. Wrong. A big staple piece of clothing for this Summer are knitted items. This could be skirts, halter dresses, tops, etc. These could even be handmade, and I love it. 

Influencer Griffin Mark speaks on how he doesn’t believe in gender norms. Photo courtesy of Vanity Teen.


Dressing more feminine: 

In 2021 and the fashion world men have started becoming more in touch with their “feminine” side. We see a lot more “feminine” pieces in runway shows with Gucci, Versace, Fendi, etc. Even painting your nails is a form of expressing your feminine side, and this is great! Being more feminine or masculine is okay for everyone. Influencer Griffin Mark speaks more about this on a Vanity Teen article. 

Big square sunglasses: 

Influencer Baron to the left wearing a varsity type jacket. Model Dylan Snyder to the right rocking big sunglasses. Photo creds to @baronscho on Instagram, and @Dylanssnyder.

If you are in need of the perfect sunglasses for Summer, make sure they are almost bigger than your face. Around 2019-2020 it was a thing to wear super small glasses but this has changed. Influences are wearing big square shaped sunglasses. If this is a little too boring for you, you can spice it up with colored lenses. I recommend Amazon for a variety of glasses. 

Oversized jackets: 

For those late nights out you are gonna need to cover up. Vintage jackets are the way to go. Everyone has been wearing oversized, letterman-like jackets just with jeans and a t-shirt. There is a really cool one that is like a racing jacket that I love. 


Button down shirts: 

Men and Women have been seen wearing button down shirts of any color. For Women it is popular to wear sheer button down shirts over bathing suits as a cover up or with jeans. For Men they are worn a lot with white tank tops under or even worn under other shirts for the collar. 

Top left and bottom right are examples of trucker hats worn by influencers Baron and fashion icon Devon Lee Carlson. The bottom left is Tati Ringsby wearing JNCO jeans, the top right is also another JNCO denim piece. Photos courtesy of @barsonscho, @devonleecarlson, @tringsby, and JNCO company.

Long Jean shorts: 

Jorts. Jorts or jean shorts are making a huge comeback. Men and Women everywhere are wearing them. They are nothing like the usual short jean shorts, these ones are excessively long and a little baggy. They are often worn with converse and t-shirts or crop tops. You can find some from Urban Outfitters or JNCO online. 

Trucker hats:

Hats are always in style but these types of hats are a new wave. Trucker hats. They spice up any outfit and come in lots of different colors and patterns. Perfect to block out the sun or manage your bad hair day… 

Baggy pants: 

Wide leg baggier pants are in season for everyone. It does not have to be just jeans; these types of pants vary from color to style. The bigger, the better. If this isn’t your style bootcut/flare jeans are a great alternate. 

Fashion is whatever you make of it and it’s always important that what you wear makes you comfortable and confident. Also just a reminder you can wear whatever you want no clothing piece is subjected to a certain sex!

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The DO’s and DON’Ts of Spring/Summer 2021 fashion