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SMHS Baseball kicks off season

With COVID-19 cases decreasing and schools reopening, more opportunities for student athletes to have a season have been coming forth. With eager, incoming freshmen and seniors who are in their last year of their high school sport, it is important to continue with the normalcy of giving them a chance to play. Even though the practices may look different or the crowds seem minimized, the San Marcos Baseball Team’s coaches and athletes excitedly jump into a promising season.

Coach Wes Ghan-Gibson has taken on the role of organizing and conducting practices with the help of his fellow coaches and assistant coaches. Though the task was not easy, with many Coronavirus restrictions, they managed to provide a season for the boys and give them the opportunity to play with fellow teammates and friends. I took the time to speak with Coach Wes and hear his reflection on how the season has been going.

“The effort it takes to have a great practice is the same,” said Coach Ghan-Gibson. “COVID hasn’t taken away the boys’ ability to work their butts off. The positives that I found at the beginning of practicing during covid was the small groups actually allowed us to see more of what each individual was all about and what they needed rather than in a team setting. It helped in noticing little things that would be hard in team settings.”

This also opened the opportunity for incoming freshmen to get a chance to have more one-on-one help with the coaches and improve their skill in more detail.

“This year’s newcomers are so amazing. They work very very hard and they seem to have a ton of potential. We are just going to need to get them in the weight room a bit” he said. 

Sergio Caballero, the Frosh assistant coach, was also enthusiastic about the new freshman. 

“The year has started off good for us so far.” He says. “We have some young talent on the Frosh team. They continue to improve week after week. It is very exciting as the assistant coach to work with these young men! I look forward to their growth and leadership over the next four years.”

With high hopes for the new faces on our SM Baseball team, Coach Wes also took a moment to talk about the Seniors who are facing their last year of high school baseball.

“It’s always hard coaching seniors knowing this might be it.” Wes states. “I think this year’s seniors are handling it as well as any. I think they are just happy they get to play some baseball before they move on to better things.”

Varsity Captain, Junior Joaquin Sandoval has also been experiencing a leadership role over not only Varsity, but the rest of the teams. 

“This year has been really great playing under our new coach.” Sandoval says. “The energy is super great and everyone on the team is working really hard. Being a captain on the team is an honor especially with all of the skill we have. Chemistry is great throughout the whole program especially after all of the time that we spent working out as a program in the off-season.”

Even though new challenges have surfaced, the coaches and boys have done a fantastic job of pivoting, adapting, and keeping up the energy. The season may look different, but they are all still doing what they love by getting out there and playing baseball. Coach Wes has done a great job of bringing us baseball fans the season we excitedly await each year.

“My goals and hopes are that the players in this program come ready to compete every single day on the baseball field. I think that is the most important part of a culture for a baseball team. Competing and putting in the work to be successful is what makes a great baseball player and person in life. So far, these players are doing that and I am very happy with that” said Coach Wes.

So for all the baseball fans out there, show some school spirit and give the boys some love. They have already set off with a great start of an 8-2 record and a 2-1 Channel League record. You do not want to miss the rest of this year’s season!

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SMHS Baseball kicks off season