Godzilla vs Kong

During quarantine some have been looking forward to movies or shows to watch to fill the extra time we now have, for some Godzilla vs Kong may have been one of those movies. For those of you who do not know the history between Godzilla and Kong, it was said that there was an ancient rivalry between the two. I recently watched the movie with my family, and really enjoyed it.

King Kong vs. Godzilla is a Japanese film from 1962. In the Godzilla franchise, King Kong vs. Godzilla is the third film. “In the film, as Godzilla is reawakened by an American submarine, a pharmaceutical company captures King Kong for promotional uses, which culminates into a battle in Mount Fuji.”(Wikipedia)

When you hear about this movie you may hear people talking about how awesome the fight scenes are and they are right, the fight scenes are crazy! In this Sci-Fi/Action movie Kong and the people studying him take him to find his true home, a girl who has a special bond with Kong comes along on the journey. During their travel Godzilla arrives ready to finish the ancient war between the two titans. The CGI team did an AMAZING job on both Godzilla and Kong. They both look so realistic. They also paid attention to details and added them in. For those who do not know what CGI is, it stands for computer-generated imagery it is “the application of computer graphics to create or contribute to images in art, printed media, video games, simulators, computer animation, VFX in films and more.”(Wikipedia)

*spoilers ahead*

So there were a lot of debates in my house about who would win, Godzilla or Kong? And as those of you that have seen the movie you may recall the scene where they have to get an explosive to basically restart Kong’s heart. Now from that some people might say Godzilla won. Even after that scene we were still defending kong and saying he won. Our reasoning was that Kong had to save Godzilla from Mecca Godzilla and that if Kong never got up to help Godzilla would have died. Another reason we had for claiming Kong won was that Godzilla felt threatened by him in the first place, if Kong was not a threat to her then she would have never attacked. 

“I thought it was cool and really liked the fight scenes,” said senior Dillon Cordero. “I also liked how they laid out the movie and how they made it so it built up all this tension and just released it at the end.”

A question that I still have about the scene on the ocean when they were transferring kong is, did Godzilla attack because she felt kong or did she attack because of the equipment on board that came from apex? Since apex was using tech from ghidorah was that what caused Godzilla to attack the ships?

Overall, I think this is a good movie and definitely recommend watching it if you haven’t already. Who do you think won, Godzilla or Kong, and what is your favorite part of the movie?