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New Survivor Season

After 15 long months of no new Survivor season, the awaited return of one of television’s longest running reality tv’ shows is back. On September 22nd, the 41st season of Survivor premiers at 8pm on CBS.

For those who don’t know, Survivor consists of a group of castaways living on an island where they are forced to compete against each other in a series of challenges. They must survive the elements and avoid being voted out by their peers in order to win the million dollar prize.

Survivor’s previous season finished airing on May 13 of 2020. Due to COVID, they were not able to travel to Fiji and film new seasons. They had announced in early May that they were returning for season 41 but fans were unaware of when that would be. The “survivorcbs” instagram officially announced the show was back in production in March of 2021 and in July a premiere date was announced. 

This new season introduces a new era of Survivor, bringing many different elements to the original game of Survivor that we all know and love. The most noticeable difference is the amount of days, which has been shortened from the standard 39 to 26. This makes the game much more dangerous, fast-paced, forcing players to make bigger moves all while avoiding being voted out. 

“There’s a history on Survivor. Every twist we’ve ever done people have hated in the beginning,” said longtime host of the show Jeff Probst. He explained the controversy this has sparked because now when these twists don’t happen like they expected, people are upset. Probst claims this season will include new exciting advantages and controversial twists. 

Another new element this season is the audience’s involvement in the game. The audience will be let in on things in ways they never have before. They will know information before the players do themselves. Probst also described a new addition called “Game within the game” which he is very excited for. 

“Game within the game is an interactive experience for junior, future Survivor players. They’ll have to spot and solve puzzles hidden within each episode,” said Probst in an instagram video shared by “survivorcbs.” 

“I’m excited for the season not having a theme and am interested to see what the new twists will be,” said junior and avid Survivor fan Dawson Kelly. 

This season, Probst wants to encourage players to keep moving, amidst twists and advantages and beat the game. Players need to adapt and outwit, outplay, outlast one another. 

You can catch the premiere of the new season on CBSTV, Paramount Plus or Hulu on September 22! 

Ben Naftali, junior, shows Survivor pride!
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New Survivor Season