AVID Freshmen Spotlight

AVID Freshmen Spotlight

In this issue of Student Spotlight, you will get to know five students that are a part of the AVID program. The first student was Alberto Vasquez who is a freshman. His favorite class is: 

Alberto Vasquez photo courtesy of Katy Clemente

“Definitely AVID, it’s super fun.” His Favorite teacher is Ms. Powers, who teaches English combined with ethnic studies.

“She’s really nice and has snacks in her class,” said Alberto. Ms. Powers not only is a great teacher, but she has a way of teaching that engages students and motivates them to keep learning. Alberto plays the guitar and the bass! He is looking forward to hopefully being a part of the school indoor volleyball team. 

The next student was Deanna Garcia. She ran for Vice President for class of 2025 and her biggest inspiration was her older sister. Deanna’s goal for this year is to pass her classes and make new friends. She plays softball and is going out to the tryouts for our school’s team! She shared with us her expectations for high school, and they were very similar to the other students. 

“I had the expectation that high school was going to be harder because that was what my sister had told me, but it hasn’t been hard at all,” said Freshman Deanna Garcia.

Yeshua Real and Natty Valdovinos photo courtesy of Katy Clemente

The final freshman you should get to know is Michelle Valencia. The class she enjoys the most is the marching band, where she plays the clarinet. The thing she is looking forward to the most is competitions for marching band, she hopes that they can make it to the Finals. Outside of school, she dances ballet folklorico, but sadly she hasn’t gone to dance in a while. 

From Yeshua Real and Natty Valdovinos, two juniors that are also part of AVID, they both suggest that you stay on top of your classes and assignments but to not sweat it. Remember a grade does not define you, but don’t let your grades drop because it will be harder to bring them back up. 

Yeshua said, “Don’t ditch, go to class.” 

Natty said, “Don’t cry about grades.”

There are so many friendly students here on campus, make sure you say hi in the halls!