Featured Club: One Direction


image courtesy of Estefania Beruman

Are you a fan of One Direction? If so, you will be glad to hear there is a One Direction club at San Marcos! One Direction, now tragically broken up, released a myriad of successful albums during the 2010’s, and for those who have continued being fans, or have just discovered them, this is the club for you! Founded by sophomore Estefania Beruman, the club centers around the former boy band. The club’s meetings include activities and discussions surrounding the music and band members. 

image courtesy of Estefania Beruman

“I’ve always liked One Direction and over quarantine it was brought back,” said club President Estefania Beruman. “The club was almost a joke at first, but I made it a real thing and had people sign the petition to form the club”. With a current number of 10 members in the club, the small number adds to the appeal, in that everyone’s ideas and opinions are sure to be heard.

Members commented that in joining this club they have been able to meet and communicate with new people who share their interests. They encourage all fans, new or old, to join so they can share their views and opinions, even the controversial ones, on the infamous boy bands songs, concerts, albums, members, and now solo careers. 

Estefania added that as of right now, members are meeting every two to three  weeks on Tuesdays in F-12, and hopes that more people will visit their gatherings. To get more information regarding the One Direction club or offer ideas of activities club goers could participate in, stop by one of their meetings and potentially join!