Trending Fall Accessories


Accessories elevate and accentuate any outfit. Now that fall is here, these are the latest trending accessories that are up to date with fashion trends. As people turn over their wardrobes in preparation for fall, don’t forget to do the same with your accessories to reflect the season’s trends! 

Stylist Gloria Cospito says this year’s jewelry trends mirror the “larger fashion trends we’ve been seeing of bright neons and saturated colors”, alongside the revival of ’60s fashion that features funky patterns and whimsical designs.

Image courtesy of Today

Resin and clay rings are a perfect compliment to any nail look. It adds flare and detail to your hands and you can mix and match with different nail polish colors as well. 

Image courtesy of Creative Commons

Baseball caps go with any outfit! When the sun is out, hats are also out. Boys and girls can rock this look with any colored hat you prefer. 

Image courtesy of Aliyah Figueroa

Crystal jewelry has been trending. Lately everyone wants a crystal necklace made out of rose quarts or a bracelet that has the seven chakras on it. It looks lovely and is an add-on jewelry piece that goes hand in hand with any simple jewelry.

Image courtesy of Aliyah Figueroa

Pearl hair clips and accessories are a classic staple to your accessory wardrobe. They never go out of style and are timeless. Pearls are traditionally worn as necklaces but there has been an uprise in wearing pearl clips and barrettes. If you have been wanting to keep up with trends this is a perfect one to add to your accessory collection!

Image courtesy of Aliyah Figueroa

Rings and jewelry like necklaces are the icing on a cake for an outfit. Street wear is very popular and silver adds the finishing touch to the look. Any color schemed fit would go hand in hand with rings or a chain necklace. This is an accessory you can wear every single day. 

Overall, accessories add so much detail to any basic outfit. It can also make a complex outfit stick out more! If you add or have any of these fall accessories, share and tag The King’s Page Instagram @sanmarcoskingspage!