History of April Fool’s Day


There are some friends you know will never pull an April Fools’ Day prank: because they think it’s still March. April fools. The time of telling funny jokes at each other and getting people to laugh.

The history of April fools supposedly dates back to 1582, when France switched from the Julian calendar to the Gregorian calendar. In the Julian Calendar the new year comes around April 1. Individuals were late at getting what this meant and they failed to get the news that January 1 was going to be the new year instead of April 1. Most of mankind continued to celebrate it in the last week of March all the way through April 1. So that singular day became the comical day and was officially called “April fool.”

On this famous and memorable day many people pull pranks involving paper fish placed on their backs and this would mean that they are easily caught by the fish and be a gullible person. It was also speculated that April Fool’s Day was tied to the vernal equinox which was the first day in the Northern Hemisphere that Mother Nature would fool people by sending unpredictable weather. In the 18th century April Fools day spread in Britain like wildfire. Especially in Scotland where they had a Tallie Day where they would play pranks that involved pinning signs “kick me” or pinning tails on them.

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Many articles which are posted to trick you. Lots of the most memorable pranks were pulled from national companies, radios and TV channels. One of the most loved pranks that was pulled was in 1992 where the National Public Radio ran a spot for former President Richard Nixon. In this spot he was saying he was going to run for president again. But later on we find out that it wasn’t Nixon but it was an actor all along. Worldwide this was an April’s Fools prank that caught everyone by surprise. A second laughable prank was pulled by the BBC program in 1957 in which a man called Richard Dimbleby said that spaghetti was growing from trees! Which would be a very interesting thing to happen. People believed in Dimbleby and even phoned people asking how they could grow their own spaghetti from trees. 

For an average trickster in classic April’s Fools Day of putting a whoopee cushion and someone sitting in it and hearing a farting sound. Even switching sugar and salts or even covering the toilet and putting plastic wrap. During this April Fool’s have as much fun as possible and express your funniest jokes and laugh with your friends. But beware that if you tell jokes after 12pm apparently it is bad luck. All in all, share your best jokes this April Fool’s.



Sofia Carrillo

Staff Writer