The History of Easter


Do you remember hiding plastic eggs and trying to find them when you were just a young child? Have you ever wondered how the holiday of Easter first came about? Let me give you a fresh reminder of what Easter essentially is. Easter is a holiday commemorating the day Jesus was resurrected from the dead.

It follows a period of fasting that is called Lent, and several churches set this time for repentance and remembrance. Lent often begins on Ash Wednesday and lasts until Good Friday which is the day of Jesus’ crucifixion. This period was first established by Pope Gregory I when using the 40-day pattern of Israel.

The earliest that Easter and Christians first celebrated this event was on the fourteenth of Nisan, the date of the Jewish Passover (Which for us is March-April). On this Jewish day from the evening of when Jesus celebrated His Last Supper, to the evening of the Passover and was eventually crucified on the day of Passover. The first occasion that Easter first started was with early Christians. They would celebrate it with worshiping Jesus as the Paschal Lamb and the Redeemer on the day of Passover.

Some of society particularly believe that Jesus rose on a Sunday. This day was created into Lord’s day. It was the only possible day to celebrate his resurrection. But as Christianaty floated off from Judaism some were hesitant to the Christian celebration on the Jewish Calendar. 

One of the traditions in Easter is the Easter egg hunt that originated with the pagan spring festivals. Many of the pagan traditions and religions intertwined. For example, Easter egg hunts that featured eggs which were hidden by a mystical Easter bunny. In those eggs they would contain candy or other various objects and prizes. Although plastic eggs are always used, hard-boiled eggs can be used as well. 

Many families one day before Easter would decorate hard-boiled eggs using paint and use them during the hunt. When the day of Easter would come, the children would go looking for the eggs to put in their Easter egg basket. The eggs became part of the tradition because of the ban of eggs. During the day of lent in Medieval Europe. This means that it was often included with the Sunday feast.

Easter is celebrated all over the world. Although it is celebrated by hunting eggs, eating chocolate bunnies. It’s a day of memento when Jesus came back to life. It’s of great importance to everyone who celebrates it. Have a happy Easter and good luck finding all those hidden eggs.