Can Crystals Cure?

Crystals have become a heavy debate in recent years. Are they real or are they a hoax? Crystals by definition are dense minerals in which atoms align into specified patterns. These crystals, since they are such dense solids with specific alignments, may contain energetic vibrations. People tend to believe that different crystals can influence different energies within you because every crystal has a different energetic frequency that connects with other frequencies surrounding them. People who use alternative medicine for physical and spiritual healing use crystals’ energetic frequencies to align their chakras and auras. 

Many people who oppose these views believe that crystals have similar properties to a rock and hold no more power than a pebble at the beach. Researchers who oppose the ideas of crystals have also made connections that crystals could very well be a placebo effect and the power is only in the eye of the beholder.

I own a few crystals myself. I think they are really pretty and beautiful to collect. Personally, I think that they are a cool thing to have whether they actually protect me or not.

So, I created a survey to ask the student body how they felt. Only 18.2% of students believed that crystals are a hoax and do not actually do anything spiritually, while 36.4% of people responded that they are unsure. The rest (45.5%) believed the crystals really do hold healing energies. This was very interesting to see since the majority of people were unsure or were in agreement with the statement. 

I asked Annie Burwell, someone that believes in crystals’ healing energy, what makes her think that these crystals really do hold healing and spiritual energy:

“When I studied archeology in college we touched briefly on the subject of crystals, how they are made and the energy they hold. Crystals are the most highly condensed form of rock, meaning they hold and compact significant amounts of energy. Ever since college I have highly believed in my crystals and they have always served me well.” 

Although there may be little scientific evidence that crystals have an effect on energy, emotions, or health, many people will vouch that crystals have changed their lives or added some significance to their health and spiritual healing. Whether they work or not must be noted in personal experiences, the only way to find out for yourself is to go out, get your own crystals and see how you feel!