NBA Prospects Declare for the Draft


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The San Antonio Spurs were granted the first pick in this year’s NBA draft, then followed by the Hornets at pick two, Trail Blazers at three and Rockets at four,  Over the last months prospects have poured in, declaring for the 2023 NBA draft. Conscience  number one overall pick, phenomenon Victor Wembanyama declared on live ESPN early this month his name will be in the 2023 nba draft. The 19 year old 7 foot two big man has the handle, iq and athleticism of a guard, but the height of one of the tallest players in the league. With a player like that and  who can guard all positions 1-5  has drawn heavy comparisons to Kevin Durant and LeBron James.

“His size is insane, I can’t really have any judgment on an incoming player but I don’t think he will be a bust” said sophomore Quinn Donnell. 

 The guard right behind him in the draft, Scoot Henderson is a young athletic guard that teams won’t be too disappointed in landing him instead. Coming out of the G league the 6 ‘2 crafty guard averaged 17 points five assists and six rebounds. Henderson looks to be the second player off the draft board this coming year.  

  Twins Amen and Ausar Thompson have declared for the draft. The tall lengthy forwards are projected to get picked in the top 10 but some have doubts about the two  as they came from a  professional  league called “Overtime elite” a new league that shines light on young players, similar to the G league in that its an alternate way into the NBA instead of taking the normal collage route. This new league comes with concerns to some NBA scouts. The biggest doubt being the competition ranges from the best 16-20 year olds in the US and it won’t translate to the NBA. But these young studs have proven that their skill level will translate as they led their team the “city reapers” to the finals and swept the “Dreamerz” in the OTE championship game. Amen averaged 16 points 6 rebounds and 6 assists, while his brother Ausar averaged 16 points  6 assist and 7 rebounds on the season. It will be interesting to watch as both the twins will be the first players drafted in the NBA from OTE. 

Over a season of success and lots of news surrounding him, forward Brandon Miller from Alabama put his name in the 2023 draft. Miller was stirred up into controversy early in the season after the 20 year old was accused of driving a car in which there was a gun inside that was owned by former Alabama teammate, Darius miles. The gun then was involved in the murder of Jamea Jonae Harris. Although Miller had nothing to do with the actual killing, news outlets were quick to point out he drove the car with the  gun inside.  But after all that Miller led Alabama to the number one seed in the bracket and took his team to the sweet sixteen. but then lost in an upset to San Diego state, 71-64. Miller averaged 18 points eight rebounds and two assists, he is an interesting prospect with tons of talent, upside and potential. It will be intriguing to see where he lands in this year’s draft.

Lots of exciting talent this year coming into the NBA makes it one to look out for, with the league getting better and better this class will definitely be entertaining to watch and add some competition to the other vets and other young players as they grow. Check out the NBA draft June 22, 2023!