Wake Up & Break Up


Elizabeth Léka

“College is where the real magic happens, darling.”

It is time to drop the mic on high school relationships lingering into college. Let’s face it honey, college is a whole new ballpark. It is a chance to break free from the chains of familiarity and embrace the thrilling unknown. By cutting ties with high school relationships, you are giving yourself the power to unleash your full potential. I am here to provide you with several compelling reasons why it is the best decision for you and your high school sweetheart to grow and thrive during your college years **apart**.

College is a time for exploration, self-discovery, and personal growth! It provides an environment where you are encouraged to challenge yourself academically, pursue diverse interests, and meet new people from various backgrounds! By ending high school relationships before college, you can fully immerse yourself into this experience. Continuing a relationship from high school can limit personal growth and prevent you from fully exploring their newfound freedom, passions, and interests that are awaiting you.

One of the fundamental aspects of college life is the development of independence and autonomy. Students are responsible for making important decisions about their academics, career paths, and personal lives. By ending your high school relationship you can focus on establishing your own independence, and adapting to the new challenges and responsibilities that college presents. 

College is a melting pot of diverse ideas, cultures, and perspectives. Engaging with this diverse community can broaden one’s horizons and open doors to new experiences. By ending your high school relationship, you have the opportunity to form new connections, build friendships, and explore different romantic possibilities! Embracing the chance to meet people from various backgrounds can help you develop a more well-rounded worldview, enhance your social skills, and enrich your college experience as a whole. 

Furthermore, maintaining trust in a long-distance relationship can be an exhausting task. Let’s face it: college is a time of new experiences, new people, and new temptations. Trusting that your high school partner will also remain faithful and committed while you are physically apart can be a constant source of anxiety and doubt. Why subject yourself to unnecessary stress when you could be focusing on your own personal growth and building connections with people who are physically present? Ending high school relationships before college eliminates the need to constantly worry about trust and allows you to fully embrace the exciting opportunities that lie ahead, without the burden of doubt weighing you down. After all, college is about discovering who you are and what you want, and it is difficult to do that when you are constantly questioning the trustworthiness of a relationship from your high school days. 

College is a time to shine, to explore, and to conquer the world on your terms. So, grab your most fabulous outfit, strut into college with your head held high, and show everyone that you are ready to take on the world as a fierce, independent force. High school relationships? They are so yesterday. College is where the real magic happens, darling. Embrace it, own it, and slay every single day!