C&CC Helps You Find Jobs


Inside B-6 at the College and Career Center fliers to find Community Service and find a job over the summer

With everyone out of school for the summer, many of us highschool students are looking to make money and earn those volunteer hours. Having more time available now is a great time to start looking into some great local businesses and programs.

Restaurants and stores are looking for new employees right now, the best way to get hired is to just put yourself out there. Many of these institutions will give you a sheet to fill out about yourself and your resume. I would recommend looking into multiple places that you would be interested in and try to apply to all of them, likely you’ll get many positive responses. 

I went to the college and career center to find out about more opportunities for high school students over the summer. I found great programs, you can volunteer at camp wheez,which is  a summer camp for kids with asthma. You can apply to volunteer at the Santa Barbara Zoo as a Jr. Camp Counselor, or be a volunteer for a safety town with kindergarteners. There are so many summer camp opportunities like apples and zucchini, and garden opportunities camp. You can find all of these flyers in the career center to learn more about the programs you are interested in. I talked with Marisol Jasso in the college and career center and I asked her why she thinks it’s important for San Marcos students to volunteer over summer,

“It is very important for students to gain their volunteer hours in the summer since students are out of extracurriculars and have more time available.”

If you are looking for something to do over the summer, working is a great way to fill your time and earn money. Graduation requires a certain amount of hours depending on your grade and signing up with a volunteer program will allow you to knock out some of those hours this summer. So for anyone who is looking for flyers or sign up sheets, you can make your way to the college and career center for more help and information!